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If you have been charged with criminal activity, involved in a DUI, or are in need of legal representation, then reach out to Alfred McDonald, Tucson Criminal Defense Attorneys. Indeed, navigating the dense wilderness of the court system can be a difficult endeavor requiring the utmost care and guidance from a licensed, criminal defense attorney. Here are some of the services we provide.

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If you are driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level (BAC) more than .08%, then the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division classifies your actions as driving under the influence. If your BAC exceeds .15%, then you will be charged with an extreme DUI. This involves a minimum fine of $2,500, mandatory community service, the installation of an ignition interlocking device, and mandatory jail time. It is highly recommended that you seek legal counsel to mitigate the damages associated with a DUI.

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Lady Justus, as she’s affectionately referred to by the Romans, holds a sword in her right hand, a scale in her left, and adorns a blind fold over her eyes. Indeed, justice that is not blind is not justice. Everyone in the American court system is innocent until proven guilty, and deserves the right to due process, which was first laid out in the Magna Carta (great charter). Although justice is the topic of much heated debate, and the central focus of Plato’s magnus opus, The Republic, it is the stitching necessary to hold the fabric of society together.

Criminal Lawyer Tucson

If you are in need of legal representation, give us a call (520-884-5201) at Alfred McDonald, Tucson’s Criminal Defense Attorney. Our team of lawyers is ready to take your case and administer justice to you, the courts, and Tucson community.

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