Over two Decades of Experience in Criminal Defense Guarantees you Superior Representation in Arizona

When you hire the McDonald Law Firm, you hire me, Alfred McDonald. I have no associate attorneys. No “passing the buck.” I personally handle your case from start to finish; working with you hand in hand to fight for the best possible result for you and your family.

The McDonald Law Firm offers a free consultation on all criminal cases. In most cases, payment plans are available. I have worked hard to gain and maintain a very well respected reputation of aggressively defending clients with a hands‑on approach to solving your legal problems.


A DUI conviction can have serious life altering consequences. You could lose your ability to drive, your freedoms, your finger print clearance card, job certifications and insurance, and in some cases, a DUI could cost you your career. In most situations, you only have 15 days from your arrest to stop MVD’s suspension of your driver’s license. Failure to stop that suspension will likely result in your loss of driving privilege before you even have to appear in court. It is imperative that you have the right attorney who can successfully maneuver you through the minefield the government has laid out to punish you for a DUI arrest. Call the McDonald Law Firm at 520‑884‑5201 today for a free consultation.


The McDonald Law Firm offers extensive experience and knowledge in all types of criminal cases at both the State and Federal levels. It is important to have professional and aggressive legal representation during this trying time. You need someone standing between you and the all mighty government. A government that is created as an efficient machine used to grind up and spit out those accused of a crime. You need a warrior who has a proven track record of taking on Goliath and beating him at his own fight! You need the McDonald Law Firm.

With the McDonald Law Firm, you know you are getting an experienced attorney who represents any individual that has been accused of all types crime by the government. I represent people accused of any criminal offense including:

  • DUI (drugs and alcohol) ‑ Arizona has some of the strictest DUI laws and punishments in the Country. I can represent you with a more positive outcome than if you attempt to handle these charges alone.
  • Drug Crimes‑ Whether the drug is marijuana, prescription pills, cocaine, meth, or heroine, any type of drug conviction can have long lasting consequences. I can help you minimize the impact these types of arrest may have on your future.
  • Assault Charges (Domestic Violence and otherwise)‑ These types of cases can immediately land you in jail and prevent you from returning to the incident location, even if that place is your own home. You may also be ordered to have no contact with the Victim. I can work to get you a positive outcome on these cases, starting with petitions to return you to your residence and in some cases allow contact once again with your spouse or loved ones.
  • Sex Crimes (Sexual Assault, Child Pornography, Public Indecency, etc) ‑ These types of offenses are the most stigmatizing and damaging to an individual’s future. I can help you understand the implications of a plea or conviction to these types of allegations.
  • Weapons Offenses‑ These types of offenses are treated as serious violations in the State of Arizona. If you are accused of illegal possession or use of a weapon, it is imperative to have professional legal representation. I can help you through this situation usually with favorable results.
  • Robbery/Burglary‑ A conviction for theft, burglary or even shoplifting can have serious consequences. Even convictions for a petty theft can eventually be treated as a felony if you have two or more similar misdemeanor convictions on your record. I can help you avoid the dire consequences of these types of crimes.
  • White Collar Crime (Money Laundering, Check Fraud, Financial Crimes)‑ I can help you form a defense to these often complicated charges.


The McDonald Law Firm also handles motorcycle accident, car accident, medical malpractice, product liability, slip and falls, dog bites, and other cases involving the negligence of others. After my own motorcycle accident in 2006, I became committed to taking care of people who are injured through no fault of their own. I work hard to make people whole again after the negligence and bad judgment of others have harmed them.