Tucson Personal Injury Attorney

Knowledgeable Legal Advice in Cases of Personal Injury

Whether you’ve injured yourself in an accident or a fall, you can count on The McDonald Law Firm, P.C. to give you the legal support you need to claim your settlements. Our attorney’s individual approach to each case will make sure that you get a fair compensation for your injury in Tucson, AZ.

Dependable legal guidance in personal injury cases

  • Help you prove liability by preserving evidence and interviewing witnesses
  • Ensure you receive the proper medical care
  • Help you understand the law, including statutes of limitations
  • Help you document your injuries properly so that you receive full compensation
  • Ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled


Information required in cases of car accidents

  • Names and addresses of drivers
  • Drivers’ license number
  • Names and addresses of passengers
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses
  • Names and addresses of registered owners of the vehicles
  • Names of insurance companies, policy numbers
  • Location of the car accident, how the car accident occurred, and more details.


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