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AZ DUI Attorney Tucson

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division defines the parameters of a DUI as driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) that exceeds .08%. Standard first offense DUIs, are usually companied with community service, and at least a $1,250 fine. What’s more, if you are a minor charged with driving under the influence, then you can expect a DUI if any trace of alcohol is found in your blood. Attempting to refuse the breathalyzer will result in the immediate suspension of your license for a period of twelve months. If your BAC exceed .15% then you will be charged with an extreme DUI, which will include a mandatory 30 day jail sentence. Also it is likely that your license will be suspended for at least 90 days, legal counsel is highly advisable.

Criminal Attorney Tucson

The word justice comes from the Latin, Justus. Indeed, justice is the glue that holds society together. It is the central focus of Plato’s great work, The Republic. Criminal defense is our effort to promote justice within society. In America, you are innocent until proven guilty, and due process is your right. We will help protect you through the difficult process of criminal prosecution.

Domestic Violence Tucson

Amongst the areas of law we practice is criminal defense and domestic violence. Indeed, everyone hopes to avoid a law suit dealing with members of the domicile, but in the event things go awry, legal representation is highly advisable. Reach out to us at McDonald Law to help you navigate through the court system.

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Al McDonald is a U of A alum who specializes in criminal law and DUI cases. It is his highest hope to promote justice for the community he loves. Give McDonald Law a call today (520-884-5201).

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