Criminal Defense

Will I have to go to jail?

Many cases can be resolved without you going to jail. A DUI conviction carries mandatory jail time. However in some cases, Alfred McDonald may be able to get the charges dismissed. Thereby avoiding any jail time. In other cases, he can fight to minimize any jail exposure.

Will I have to miss work?

Alfred McDonald can appear on your behalf for many of your court dates so you won’t have to take time off. In addition in the case of a DUI, he will fight to get your driver’s license back as soon as possible.

What can you do for me?

Alfred McDonald will use either the “Sword” or the “Shield” approach to defend you. He will either pick up the sword and bring the fight to the State with a goal of a complete dismissal of all the charges. In the alternative, he can be the shield protecting you from the government’s onslaught and work to minimize any sentence.

Will this stay on my record long?

A misdemeanor DUI can statutorily be used to enhance mandatory punishments for seven years. A felony may be used against you for life. After successful completion of your sentence, Alfred McDonald can “set aside” most all convictions. (The term set aside is a legal term and has a specific legal definition. Please set an appointment for a free consultation to learn more.)

What will this cost me?

That depends on which approach you choose, your charges and other factors. We offer a free consultation in which we can further answer your questions and discuss a specific price tailored to your case.