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August 5th, 2015

Statistics have shown that an inordinate amount of accidents, injuries and deaths occur each year due to drinking and driving. The good news is that being a responsible driver is easier that most might imagine. For example, the age-old recommendation of choosing a designated driver is just as valid today as it was decades ago. Simply decide well in advance who will be doing the driving and stick to the plan.

Defending A DUI Charge

Follow this simple strategy and make sure that the person designated does not drink and you may avert an accident. In the absence of a designated driver simply call a taxi. Most would agree that the cost of defending a DUI charge far outweighs the cost of a taxicab ride. As an added note, a taxi is an excellent alternative in the case where a designated driver ends up drinking. Along with a taxi, public transportation such as a bus will suffice as a way to stay safe.

Impacted By Drunk-Driving

Also worth considering is the best way to handle a friend or family member who has been drinking. While an individual may get angry, especially if they have been drinking to excess, hiding their keys is a proven strategy that works. They will likely thank you in the morning for being proactive in preventing an accident or an arrest. The number of people in the country who have been impacted by drunk-driving incidents is alarming. However, it is easy to avoid becoming the next statistic as is outlined here. Making wise decisions can save lives and even save careers.

This Is A Proven Strategy

Finally, when having a party it is a good idea to offer guests non-alcoholic beverages such as soda and juice. There are even some non-alcoholic wines and sparkling wines that are a great alternative to alcoholic drinks. Party planners can also plan to serve generous amounts of food. This is a proven strategy for reducing the absorption rate of alcohol. A full stomach can reduce the negative effects of alcohol. As an added note, party planners can lessen the effects of alcohol by not serving drinks at the end of the evening. Your guests will thank you for keeping their best interests in mind. Contact The Law Office of Alfred McDonald, PC for a Tucson DUI lawyer who gets results.



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