Biker Blog » Tips On Handling Annoying Debt Collector Calls

September 6th, 2015

In recent years debt collector calls have become a major problem for consumers. In fact, annoying and repetitive debt collector calls can actually affect one’s quality of life and cause considerable emotional distress. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of dealing with this type of annoying call is to understand that there are Federal rules and laws in place designed to protect consumers. Notably the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is one such example.

Third-Party Interlopers

The FDCPA or Fair Debt Collection Practices Act affords consumers certain rights and protections that are worth noting. For example, the act specifically states that debt collectors may not make calls to a private residential home or place of business prior to 8 AM or after the evening hour of 9 PM. Most importantly, when debt collectors also known as third-party interlopers violate the FDCPA they can be held liable. In certain circumstances consumers can actually be awarded compensatory damages when debt collectors violate the law.

Many Protections That It Affords

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act also affords consumers the opportunity to contest a debt. This is important because it stops a debt collector in their tracks and places the burden of proof on the collecting agency. Anyone dealing with annoying or troublesome calls of this nature should become thoroughly familiar with this Federal act and the many protections that it affords. In most instances those collecting debts count on the high probability that a consumer is ignorant of the FDCPA. Consumers who properly inform themselves will find that they have many options and many protections when it comes to aggressive and unscrupulous debt collectors.

The Excellent Resources Available

Finally, consumers should always consider hiring a dedicated bankruptcy attorney when bankruptcy becomes a viable option as a way to deal with overwhelming debt. In today’s tumultuous world where debt is ubiquitous it is essential for consumers to take full advantage of all resources and tools at their disposal. A focused bankruptcy attorney and the advantages made available by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act are just too key examples of the excellent resources available to consumers today. Staying proactive when it comes to handling debt collectors can be easier and far more manageable when one understands these basic truths. Contact the McDonald’s Law Offices today for Phoenix bankruptcy representation.

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