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December 10th, 2009

October 9, 2009 through October 12, 2009

            I received a text last month from one of my riding buddies. It says “Let’s go to Kino Bay. My treat.” My friend knows someone with a house in Kino we can crash at. I have never been to Kino Bay and the trip involves the scooters, so I am excited to go. We pick a date and meet late morning in Tucson for the ride down there. Once we get to Nogales, Arizona, my friend tells me that the house in Kino Bay fell through. So now I am thinking we are heading into Mexico with limited day light left and we have no idea where we are going or where we will be staying. So I make a call to a friend who has a home in San Carlos and try to arrange a night at his place. He makes a call to the caretaker and leaves a message that I will be calling. So now we are hauling ass to San Carlos to try to make there before nightfall. We failed. In addition, we can never get a hold of the caretaker so we are still without a place to stay.

We check into the Motel Creston. Our door won’t lock, there are large cockroaches crawling on the floor, bugs in the air vents that shower down on me when I try to turn on the air and no hot water. But we tough it out for the night. We wake up next morning and after our cold showers leave feeling excited for the new day. My friend says he wants to go to Alamos. I had heard of that place and we would have to go through Cuidad Obregon. I had heard that the most beautiful women in Mexico can be found in Obregon, so off we went. The road from Guyamas to Impalme was gorgeous. We drove through mountain curves down into the bay of Impalme. Green hills on the left and then flat, blue sea on the right.

We decide to stop at a restaurant on the bay. However, the place was at the bottom of a steep and rocky decline. As I was trying to maneuver down the hill, my bike slipped in a hole and tipped over. I went the same direction as the bike and fell flat on my ass. But I wasn’t done yet. The momentum pulled my feet over my head and I rolled over onto my stomach. Very embarrassing but very funny. When I stopped rolling, I was laughing so hard I could barely get up. I managed to haul my butt off the ground and then was able to lift the bike back upright. I always wondered if I could lift my own bike by myself and now I know. Good information to have. The view from the bay was peaceful and calming. We eat seafood and beer for breakfast and then it was back out on the road.

As I was riding out of Empalme, I hit an unmarked speed bump that tossed me in the air about foot of my seat. So needless to say, I slowed it down after that and kept a sharp eye out for these hidden bumps. We traveled through Obregon. Unfortunately, we did not stay long enough to find any beautiful women. From Obregon, we continued to travel South to Navajoa. We had heard rumors of a bike rally in Navajoa but had not seen any other bikes along our journey. When we arrived in Navajoa, there were rally posters about the “collection of motorcycletas” but again we saw no bikes. While getting gas, someone told us all the bikes were up in Alamos. That is where we heading anyways, so off we went.

As we traveled up the Sierra Madres Mountains into Alamos, the scenery changed from arid desert to cool jungle like terrain. I had to use the restroom but was a little leery about just pulling off road. It looked like those trees and plants were the home of clinging snakes. Not just the desert rattlers that I am used to, but big bush snakes. Snakes like Kahn from the Jungle Book. Snakes that would hypnotize me into a trance before taking a bite out of me. With that thought on my mind, we keep riding to the next gas station where I was able to use the restroom in safety.

Once in Alamos, we were all pleasantly surprised. The town is high in the mountains and has a small stream that runs through it. The buildings look like they were all built in the 17th century. The streets were all stone and narrow. We finally found the bike rally. They had parked in the main plaza by the old church. There were hundreds of bikes from all over the world. Next to the church, there was a row of speakers standing 20 feet high and blasting out classic American rock and roll. We parked our bikes and took a walk around the plaza. It was weird seeing all theses Mexican bikers, rocking out to Foghat’s Slow Ride with the music so loud that it literally shook the walls of the antique church.

We decided to stay the night at La Hacienda de los Santos. It is a gorgeous resort that was once six separate mansions that have now been connected by a flowing garden. It was too late for me to get a message so we hit the pool to cool off. After a quick shower, we headed back to the plaza and drank rum, smoked cigars and watched the town folk stroll around the church. Later that night, we ate filet mignon at the resort while guitar players played for our enjoyment. It seemed like we were the only guests at the resort so we had everyone’s full attention. The next morning, I was able to get my message and then we were back on the road to Hermosillo.

I noticed that the highways have a six inch drop off once you leave the road. Not very safe. There wasn’t much of a shoulder to pull over on anyway, so this was mostly a none issue. Just be aware of this if you are traveling the Mexico highways at night. We spent the night in Hermosillo and awoke the next morning to clean bikes. One of the hotel employees had taken it upon himself to wash our bikes that morning. He did a great job so we left town with our bikes giving us a newfound energy.

After making it home, I have been searching for a website on the Navajoa Bike Rally so I can attend again next year. However, I have not been able to find the details yet. In any event, it is worth a trip down there even without the rally. I have already decided that I will be heading back to see the town called Huatabampo. I decided I just have to check out a place named Huatabampo. Sounds fun.

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